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REVchain™ is building carbon-neutral end-to-end supply chains.

REVchainTM gives clean energy program managers the insight they need to build net-zero supply chains.

Fuel and power producers, power train suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, and logistics & distribution service providers use our analytics to scan the market for green power technologies, evaluate whether to conduct a feasibility study, and make financial investment decisions.

Our services include Market Forecasting, Scenario Building, and Capital Project Management.

Our Services

Market Forecasting

If you..
  • Are in the concept screening or discovery stage
  • Need market data to decide whether to advance to a feasibility study
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Scenario Building

If you..
  • Are in the concept definition or technology selection stage for a specific project
  • Need to decide whether to authorize a pre-FEED study
  • The investment is dependent on how much carbon can be eliminated
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Project Management

If you..
  • Are in the financial evaluation or pre-FEED stage
  • Need to decide between supply chain configuration alternatives
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Our Differentiation

  • Specific to supply chain applications and technologies
  • Technology, price & market analytics from globally respected scientists and economists
More Precise & Accurate than Business Intelligence Firms
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  • Standard and customizable analytic tools
  • Technology specialists on demand

Better Knowledge Transfer than Consultant Reports
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  • Multi-client scale economies and cost savings
  • Low-cost service bundles
Deeper Specialization and Less Expensive than Major Consulting Firms
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REVchain™ is at the forefront of a global movement to make the planet a cleaner place.