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The REVchain™ Platform

Based on research in our new book Reinventing the Energy Value Chain: Supply Chain Roadmaps for Digital Oilfields through Hydrogen Fuel Cells (PennWell Books, 2021), we have codified our proven roadmap for net zero operations.

The modular structure is outlined below. Preview some of our typical outputs by clicking on the Preview buttons in the blocks.

Market Forecasting

  • Industry/ Application-Specific Technology News & Information
  • Market Sizes, Costs & Prices (Baselines)
  • Carbon Footprint Boundaries
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator

Scenario Building

  • Everything in Market Outlook
  • Cost & Price Forecasts
  • Parametric Prices & Forecasts and Scaling Factors
  • Market Intelligence by Subsegment
  • Carbon Scenario Builder
  • Target Validation
  • Carbon Footprint Baseline & Target Certification

Project Management

  • Everything in Scenario Builder
  • Carbon Footprint Baseline & Target Certification
  • Strategic (Level 1) Fit Assessment
  • Tactical (Level 2) Fit Assessment
  • Channel Selection
  • Key Success Factors
  • SWOT & Gap Analysis
  • Financial Evaluation (Revenue, Cost, Capex, & ROI)
  • Dedicated Consultants
  • On-Call Scientists
  • Experienced Executives

Align Your Team, from Carbon Footprint Measurement through Successful Pilot Program Implementation and Roll-out Planning.


  • Supply Chain Transformation Pioneer

  • Energy Technology Expertise

  • Project Management


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REVchain is a subscription-based platform that helps you map a profitable path to Net Zero. We Are building carbon-neutral supply chain networks,
one at a time.

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