Choose the Plan that Fits Your Goals

Our plans contain three modules to help you navigate toward Net Zero. Each module contains five to six steps.
You are recommended to follow the steps and modules sequentially.

Plan 1
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The Analytics Plan is designed for concept screening, evaluating new markets, and deciding whether to engage in a feasibility study.
4 Lectures
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Plan 2
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This plan is suited for selecting technologies, deciding whether to authorize a pre-FEED study, and deciding on projects that are contingent on how...
10 Lectures
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Plan 3
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This package is ideal for deciding on Financial Investment Decisions.
17 Lectures
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Market Outlook

  • Industry/ Application-Specific Technology News & Information
  • Market Sizes, Costs & Prices (Baselines)
  • Carbon Footprint Boundaries
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator

Scenario Builder

  • Everything in Market Outlook
  • Cost & Price Forecasts
  • Parametric Prices & Forecasts and Scaling Factors
  • Market Intelligence by Subsegment
  • Carbon Scenario Builder
  • Target Validation
  • Carbon Footprint Baseline & Target Certification

Project Manager

  • Everything in Scenario Builder
  • Carbon Footprint Baseline & Target Certification
  • Strategic (Level 1) Fit Assessment
  • Tactical (Level 2) Fit Assessment
  • Channel Selection
  • Key Success Factors
  • SWOT & Gap Analysis
  • Financial Evaluation (Revenue, Cost, Capex, & ROI)
  • Dedicated Consultants
  • On-Call Scientists
  • Experienced Executives


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